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It is All about Poker


It is not a secret that poker is the most popular game in the world. Poker gained its popularity due to simplicity of the rules and massive diversity of combinations during the game. The word poker evokes clear casino associations since this is the most playable casino game. The inevitable question comes to mind: what is poker? This question indeed has several correct alternatives. First, poker is all about emotions in the shape of tornado and never-ending pleasures if luck accompanies you all the way. Second, poker is a card game, which players usually play with fifty-two cards. Third, poker is a nice tradition, which passes on to the next generations. I must underline that these answers are not final, but they are a great starting point for poker enthusiasts. You should furthermore know that poker requires plenty of skills and psychological strategy. The ultimate goal of poker is the highest hand, in other words, all hands contain five cards, but the highest hand wins.

Poker History

The first mentions of poker game, or something very similar to it, concern the year of 1526. In this premature game variation, each player received three cards. The name of this game was primero in Spain or Italy and la prime in France. The game included the rate announcement plus estimated combinations, which used to be three identical cards, pairs and three cards of one color, named flash. In 1700, the art of bluffing has united with the rate announcement and delivery on hands not three, but five cards, therefore the games received different names. For example, the names like brag in England, pochenin Germany and poque in France became very common. In these predecessors of poker, two elements were essential: the art of bluffing or the announcement of high rate at presence of bad hand to exclude other players from the bank. It is quite probable, and I agree with the following statement, that the French name poque is a copy from German pochen and the name poker actually occurs from France. Only one round of rate announcement was present in initial poker games. Right after the termination of this round, the participants disclosed their cards to detect the lucky winner. What determined the seniority of hands? Well, the following sequence dictated the choice: high - four identical; the full house - three identical and pair others; three identical; two pairs; one pair and absence of pair - the senior card on a rank.

French colonists, who have occupied all territory of Louisiana at first and gradually all country, brought poker game to United States. Since 1834, poker has a pack of 52 cards. Poker was and continues to be national, the most widespread game, in the USA among gamblers. In 1870, poker has safely returned from USA to Europe after the ambassador of the USA in the Great Britain presented it in front of Queen Victoria. However, in that period, poker has not spread across all Europe. In fact, poker has extended in Europe only during the First World War by soldiers of the American forwarding case.

Online Poker

What is online poker? Where can we learn how to play it? I will try to answer these questions briefly. Online poker is a live internet poker game against other players. Very often, your opponent will be on the other side of the world. Online poker on the internet is alternative, but very real poker universe, which offers a huge choice of games, accessible in any place. Moreover, you can play online poker at any time from your house or office or on your portable computer from hotel under condition of access to the internet.

Currently, online poker experiences serious explosion and the end to it is not visible yet. Online poker easily walks ahead of all the Internet industry. Famous poker rooms enclose hundred thousand people playing online poker simultaneously. An individual can find notable contender and appropriate financial opportunities rates. For those individuals, who lack previous options, poker game is accessible too because all poker rooms offer the beginners huge range of poker games not on real money against real contenders and arrange tournaments with free entrance, but with real prize-winning money. So practically, any person with a computer and internet connection can learn poker game and earn to itself the initial capital for game on real money from zero.

Why Online Poker?

One of the main reasons of online poker development is that unlike the Internet-casino where you are not guaranteed against dishonesty of a casino, online poker gives much more sufficient opportunities for absolutely fair prize of money. The overwhelming majority of online poker players come with the unique purpose of having a good time. Other players come after having seen enough advertising and tournaments WSOP on the television. The level of both player types is very low, besides they consider poker rather simplistic. Rules of poker indeed simple, nevertheless, poker is a complex game. However to beat these players and to win valuable profits is completely different story. You are not necessary have to be a professional poker player; it is enough to acquire simple poker strategy and to know elementary mathematics. If you are a qualified poker player, you can actually live from your poker incomes. I personally know quite a lot people, whose poker passion brings solid financial stability, so for all of my readers I advise to try their luck in poker gaming.

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