Tina Summers
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Tina Summers
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Tina Summers Biography

Full Name: Tina Summers
Date of Birth: October18, 1973
Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Personal Information: Married + 2
Education: First Degree in Computational Linguistics; Second Degree in Journalism
E-mail: tinasummers @ online-casino-77.com (remove blank spaces)

Gambling Experience:

I associate the beginning of my gambling experience with my brothers. Saturday nights, we all gathered around dinning table and played poker. It was a friendly family game until my brother teaches me different tricks. My money management skills receive a sharp edge when we play for money. Although we were just kids, my allowances increased drastically. I could buy my favorite ice cream on the weekends; therefore, poker for me symbolizes chocolate ice cream. We exercised full assortment of card games, but until this day, poker remains my favorite one. I am pretty sure that it has some kind of connection to chocolate ice cream, don't you?

Later on, I played poker to save enough money for Las Vegas trip. Well, it took me three trips to learn professional poker strategy. Everything in Las Vegas was so different from home. If you want to win real money, you have to become a serious poker student. Playing poker for fun was unacceptable. I went to poker seminars, spent a few months taking poker lessons from a professional poker coach, and studied poker books. It was rather enriching experience for me, but I decided to keep my poker games for my family pleasure.

Journalism opened many doors for me. I worked for several local newspapers and wrote poker articles once and a while. My favorite thing about journalism is the freedom of speech. I can say and write everything about anyone. Since I consider myself a social individual, personal interviews with various poker players were great pleasure for me. One intriguing question still occupies people's minds: what is the secret of top players' success? I have always though it is a combination between determination and luck, however, each poker player told me something different. Well, think about it for a moment, may be you will uncover the truth.

These days my family continues famous poker tradition at Saturday nights. I coach my children different styles of poker as well as winning strategies that I have collected over the years. We play poker for entertainment; therefore, it remains a fun tradition. Who knows, may be my children will pass it to the next generation, what do you think?

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