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Editorial Team

Meet our editorial team:

  • Brian Thompson - the best expert in online gambling, who develops software for online casinos and poker rooms. He is the software genius although he never studied in the university. In addition, Brian's favorite hobby is art, to be more specific, oil paintings and he already had a spectacular exhibition in New York.

  • Tyra Forbs - a successful businesswoman, who completed her Master Degree in Economics five years ago. She started her own construction company in 2000 with a $10.000 loan from her parents. The company has become one of the fastest growing commercial general contracting firms in the country. Tyra predicts great future for online gaming industry together with Online Casino 77 informative gambling portal.

  • Richard Hall - Richard's family moved to Los Angeles, where he attended the University of California to study Architecture. After he has finished his studies, he opened a small business and now designs house construction. His structures contrast space and materials with unusual shapes, as well as his excellent writing skills. Richard also designs furniture and other serviceable objects.

  • Sharon Baker - 21-year-old student at the University of Columbia, who studies journalism and psychology. At the moment, she works with Online Casino 77 editing team and at the news paper of the university. She is the youngest member of our staff, but you must not underestimate her power. This girl knows more about online gambling industry, than some professional experts would ever know.

  • Lisa Mitchel - a talented American writer, who taught English Literature at San Francisco State University. She lived in Europe for a long time due to her husband's occupation and worked as a correspondent for The New Yorker. At the moment, she lives in United States with her family and combines writing short novels and stories with Online Casino 77 work.

  • Jack Williams - professional photographer and a web designer, who likes to spend his free time playing at online casinos or poker rooms. His passion for poker originates from his childhood, when family evenings were accompanied with hot chocolate and cards. His older brother became famous poker player, who taught Jack all the secrets. Jack travels around the world and takes pictures of significant events. Part of his works you will see in local galeries while others are presented in Europe.

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