L. A. Times Comes Out Supporting Online Poker And Gaming Industry

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The Ambivalence of Current Online Gaming Legislation

by Tina Summers
2006-06-18 11:21:00
L. A. Times Comes Out Supporting Online Poker And Gaming Industry

The issue of gaming legislation has always been controversial because from one point of view the government wants to prevent chaos by regulating online gaming while from other point of view it restricts the gaming industry's freedom of activity. Recently, the highly respected American newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, issued perhaps the most high profile endorsement of the regulation and acceptance of online gaming by raising the important question of hypocrisy regarding allowing some forms of online gaming but not others.

The newspaper points out that the legislators are looking to restrain underage gaming, problem gamblers and attack the offshore sites that are unregulated by U. S. law and are not doing anything regarding regulation of the horse racing industry online, which was legislated by the states in 2000. In other words, only the elected entities are permitted by the law system, what makes this system hypocritical in a sense.

The Times editorial staff comes out especially strongly on the factor that regulation and taxation of the $12 billion industry is the way to go. They also accurately point out that if American based casino operations were able to offer similar fare online, the protections for the players would be significant rather than their current gray area in the offshore world.

If other significant publications such as the Times expressed their sentiments regarding the online gaming and poker question in this manner, perhaps the federal government would see that they are missing the boat on the continuing worldwide growth of not only online poker but the gaming industry overall.

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