Blackjack's popularity has encouraged the creation of new system to motivate winnings

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New Blackjack System by Brett Granstaff

by Richard Hall
2006-09-04 16:11:00
Blackjack's popularity has encouraged the creation of new system to motivate winnings

The new Blackjack system is accompanied with instructional DVD, which will be shot on the floor of a live casino, The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The Riviera Hotel and Casino enjoys a legendary past as one of the superior Las Vegas hotels in the State of Nevada, known for its big name entertainment and friendly hospitality, as well as its worldwide name recognition.

The next generation of blackjack gaming features strategy system developed by Brett Granstaff, one of blackjack’s premiere players and tournament winners. A graduate of NYU School of Film, Brett has many television and theater credits and is currently the Co-Owner and Vice President in charge of West Coast Operations for Consolidated Retirement Services, one of the largest independent financial marketing organizations in the country with over 900 million dollars in assets.

What is so special about this system? It teaches a much more aggressive system of card counting while staying true to the basic strategy. The "Hot Hand Advantage" hides behind the scenes tips about the game and tells you which game is best in 2006. This system also includes a "Strategy Card" and "Blackjack Mechanic", a CD training module to allow for unlimited home practice. Brett has made this system easy to learn and not particularly expensive, only $49.95US per unit.

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