The online gaming industry to debate innovative perspectives

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International Gaming Conference and Expo in Ireland

by Tyra Forbs
2006-10-03 12:38:00
The online gaming industry to debate innovative perspectives

The launch of the IGCE in Costa Rica surpassed all expectations, as industry leaders gathered from around the globe for an unprecedented blend of incisive debate and networking. Now the IGCE is coming to Europe November 5-7 and will be held at Dublin's Fitzpatrick Castle.

If you come to Dublin this fall, you will learn from those who are blazing new trails in gaming, technology and entertainment. Topics of discussion are: online gambling, poker, payment solutions, wireless interaction, land based competition, regulatory issues, gaming platforms, marketing awareness and many other interesting aspects of online gaming industry.

IGCE is the one conference created and designed to take the interactive gaming industry to the next level. Who should absolutely be there? Attorneys, sportsbooks operators, investors, analysts, payment processors, affiliate sites, technology firms, advertisers and anyone related to this business direction. This event is the conference that you cannot afford to miss because it sets new standard for the online gambling era.

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