New payout system: from coins striking a metal holder to printed tickets with bar codes

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Harrah's Substitutes Coins for Ticket Machines as Part of Company Plan

by Jack Williams
2006-09-12 11:31:00
New payout system: from coins striking a metal holder to printed tickets with bar codes

We live in constantly changing world, where companies as well as people have to adjust quickly to upcoming transformations because the consequences of static behavior or inability to manipulate the situation might be very tragic. Casinos are always looking for new ways to improve their functioning, attract new customers or increase yearly profits and Harrah's Cherokee Casino is not an exception.

As part of company-wide plan, the sound of winning at Harrah's Cherokee Casino is about to change into a quiet payout by the means of printed tickets with bar codes on them to record winnings. Of course a major change like that comes only after a profound research and it looks like casino customers actually prefer this new payout system.

"I like it better," said Sara Waldroop, a Macon County resident who plays at Harrah's Cherokee. "When you go to Biloxi or some other casino, they give you those tickets and it is so much easier than standing in line at the cashier or waiting for somebody to come and fill the machine."

According to Darold Londo, general casino manager, the changeover at Harrah's Cherokee is almost complete and by the end of this year, the $10, $25 and $100 coins will be worthless. Hopefully, this change will prove itself within certain time period and if that happens, then, land based casinos will implement it into their systems without any potential risk for expected financial profits.

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