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List of Hot Slots:

We describe and evaluate the most outstanding recently released hot slots from reputable gaming machines manufacturers.

Barn Yard

Barn Yard was originally released by CDS, but Aristocrat acquired the rights for this game and released a new version. It is a 3-reel game featuring a top box bonus with a large bulging bonus wheel, which makes the design of the machine very original and attractive for those who look for different slot machines.

The basic game is very simple. There are no mixed winning combinations and no wild symbols. Only combinations of three identical symbols win, except one and two strawberries that pay two and four coins accordingly. The game has jump and nudge features, which mean that if two symbols from a winning combination are in the payline and the third symbol is just above or below the payline, it will be pushed into the payline and the player will win.

Three special Barn Yard Bonus symbols lined up take the player to the bonus game, where four meters for four animals (cow, pig, horse and sheep) appear and change randomly from 10 to 160. As the player pushes the bonus spin button, the machine selects one of the animals and pays the amount displayed on its meter multiplied by a coefficient indicated by the bonus wheel, which can be 2x to 25x. So the maximum bonus in the Barn Yard game is 4,000 coins.

Payback of Barn Yard varies from 88% to 96% with an average hit frequency about 30% and the main jackpot of 1,000 coins for the main game and 4,000 coins for the bonus game.

Austin Powers Time Portal

Austin Powers Time Portal is the fourth game from IGT in a series of machines based on Austin Powers movies. Austin Powers Time Portal is particularly based on the second movie called Austin Powers, the spy who shagged me. It is 5 reel 20 line video slot machine that uses images of main characters from the movie as the reel symbols.

The symbol with Austin Powers is wild and can substitute any other symbol except the Austin Powers Time Portal symbol and doubles the payout. If three or more Austin Powers Time Portal symbols land anywhere on the screen, the player receives a small payout and 15 free rolls. If a player rolls out 5 Austin Powers Time Portal symbols after he has inserted the maximum amount of coins, he wins the top jackpot.

Winning for Dummies

Winning for Dummies is a four reel, three coin machine from Bally Gaming. The machine is similar to other recently released Bally games such as Bonus Line and Bonus Frenzy. The front reel of these machines contains only bonus symbols that increase the winning combinations rolled on other three reels. The bonus reel is deactivated until the full amount of three coins is inserted. The most interesting part of such scheme is the short moment, when three main reels have already stopped and the fourth wheel is still spinning. With the winning combination among three first wheels, a player experiences great anticipation for the outcome of the fourth wheel.

Dummies is a very popular trademark owned by Hungry Minds Inc. The first products in the Dummies series were computer manuals, but than Dummies lent its yellow-black design and title to a wide spectrum of products including medical and social books, and now even slot machines.

However, Winning for Dummies really is for dummies. The game is as simple as a slot machine can be. It has well laid pay tables, easy bonus scheme and no complicated features. Payoffs start from 4 coins for three mixed jackpot bars and 7s and continue to 1,000 coins for three 7s. The fourth reel can add 10 or 100 coins, multiply the payoff by 2, 5 or 10 or award a bonus spin.

Payback of Winning for Dummies ranges between 88.02% and 97.52%, while its hit frequency is 20%. The bonus spin increases every 4 winning combinations in average. The highest jackpot is 10,000 coins.

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