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Picking an Online Casino

Picking an online casino is of the major decisions you will make, and it will influence the outcome of your gaming experience. How? Different online casinos offer different odds, bonuses and displays. Each helps you win more and lose less. So, before you decide, you should research the casinos to find out which one suits you.

Should I play my favourite game at an online casino or download the software?

You will find that there are two types of options available to you: downloading software or playing online using Flash programs. Prefer downloadable software.

Why should you opt to download?

  1. Gaming software appears more vivid and interesting and more importantly runs a lot smoother.
  2. Flash or Java applets don't come with a guarantee of fair play and you have no way of knowing the odds.
  3. Reliable and well-known companies create the software programs and they run periodic audit tests to check payoff rates and odds. Here are some of the software companies you should look for:
    • Microgaming Systems
    • Unified Gaming
    • Cryptologic
    • Gambling
    • Chartwell Technology
    • ICrystal Software
    • Access Gaming Systems
    • Real Time Gaming
    • Boss Media
    • Radiate Software
    • Starnet Systems

Addition Features that One Should Look at:

  • Though downloading might take you some time (usually they are quick,0), you should prefer these because you are beginning to play with your money and it can't hurt to be careful.
  • Select the casino site that offers those games that you wish to play and that offer you the best possible odds.
  • Choose the casino that will grant you the biggest signing up bonus with the least number of conditions attached to it. Note that you might find a casino that gives you a big sign-up bonus but you will need to bet an exorbitant sum to be able to withdraw it. Generally, a casino will offer you signing up bonuses of anything between ten to fifty percent of your deposit.
  • Prefer those casino sites that sport software from well-known companies.
  • Check out the casino sites' customer service. You should be able to contact them with ease. Is there a toll-free phone number that you can use? Call the number and check it out. Can you email them? Do they answer you promptly and not just by an automatic answer? If not, select another one. Note that you might need to get in contact with the casino and thus it would be smart to check out whether they are easily available.
  • Try and find out what other casino players have to say about the casino. Check out newsgroups and bulletin boards and try and read if any other casino player had a good or bad experience with that casino. Decide accordingly.
  • How does the site look to you? If it doesn't seem professional then it probably isn't and you could be risking your money. Move to another casino.
  • Check if your selected casino runs audit checks by major auditing firms that verify the fairness of their software. If not, try another casino site.
  • Try and find out information about the company behind the casino site. Yes, this isn't easy to acquire, but you might avoid disreputable sites in this manner. Use the internet to research the individual or the company behind the site. A good respectable casino site will be run by a good respectable and known company. This and the previous condition will be sometimes hard to follow and it will be safe to play if you can' find out these details, but don't pass on the other conditions.

  • After verifying all of the above, you must read the online casino terms and regulations. This is boring, but you have to do it if you wish to make money. Read about the bonuses you are given and how much you need to bet before you can take away the money. Only after you do this, relax and begin your online casino adventure.

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