Learn to Identify and Prevent Pro Cheating Techniques!

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Pro Cheating Methods

This page describes the most common pro cheating techniques and preventive countermeasures for the protection of regular players.

How Players Cheat:

Various pro cheating techniques can be applied to manipulate a deck of cards. A cheat, acting as a dealer, can deal cards from almost any place in the deck. A skilled cards mechanic can deal the bottom card, the second card from top or from bottom or the middle card, but it is still not enough to perform pro cheating. The main part of such pro cheating is to find the needed cards and to place them at a specific place at the deck. To do so, a cheat, when it is his turn to deal, notices the cards he needs from the previous showdown, picks them um and places at the bottom of the deck. Then he false shuffles the deck and deals these cards to himself or to his associate.

The Faro Shuffle:

Having a strong hand will probably make the cheat win the game, but if all other players have bad hands, he most probably will not win much money. To win more, a cheat can choose a player at the table and to deal him a good hand, which is still worse than the one he deals to himself. All he needs to do is to shuffle the cards the correct way. A perfect shuffle, that puts K-A-K-A-K-A-K-A on the bottom of the deck is called faro shuffle. Having such a deck, a cheat deals cards from the top of the deck to all players, but to the one he chooses and himself. These are dealt from the bottom, so all players get normal hands of random cards, the chosen player gets four kings, and the cheat gets four aces. Now he can raise as much as he wants.

The Cold Deck:

Another classic pro cheating technique is called the Cold Deck. Such cheating does not require any complicated shuffling. The deck is shuffled and cut the fair way, but after it is done, the cheat replaces a deck with another one that has been set as he wanted. Switching a deck, of course, requires a more noticeable movement than dealing a card from the wrong side of the deck, so cheats can employ distraction methods to perform it.

Preventive Methods:

Most cheats hold the deck of the cards, placing the index finger in front of it. This gives the cheat better control of the cards, allows him to hold the deck without moving the cards and provides cover as, showing the back of the top card. If you suspect someone is cheating, watch his moves attentively. This is called burning. Not all cheats have enough boldness to continue being burnt. These will most probably leave the table soon. Another thing to do is to insist on cutting the cards. The cutting must be done by all or some of the players, and not only by the one to the left of the cheat, who can be his associate. Good cheats can return a deck that has been cut to its original position, but this movement is difficult to perform unnoticeably, so only the most professional cheats can do it while being burnt.
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