Here you can learn about the differences and resemblances between playing land based casino blackjack and online casino blackjack
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Casino Blackjack Vs. Online Blackjack

Playing casino blackjack is different from playing blackjack online. Even though the blackjack rules are the same, the atmosphere that surrounds the blackjack table in a land based casinos can have an affect on your game. Here you can read about playing casino blackjack including terminology, beliefs and more.

When you are playing blackjack in a land based casino, first you would have to choose a blackjack table. Casino blackjack tables can usually contain up to seven players at a time. The players who is dealt the first card is seating at first base, while the player who gets the last card before the dealer is sitting at third base.

The casino blackjack table is surrounded with different myths, beliefs and superstitions. For example, many blackjack players tend to believe that sitting at first base may improve their odds of getting a ten-value card. Other players believe that by sitting at third base they can make better decisions since they can keep track on the cards that were previously dealt to the other players.

There is a basic logic behind the last belief. A player who sits at third base can make the last decision not to hit, which can result with the dealer getting a ten-value card and busting. The odds are very low, but it is something worth thinking about when you are choosing your seat at a casino blackjack table.

Eventually, land based casino blackjack, the same as online casino blackjack, is a skill game. In order to improve the odds of winning, you should learn a correct blackjack strategy and use it when playing, whether you are playing online or at casino table.

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